Here’s What You Need to Know About Cheap Paid Traffic Sources

Traffic Monsoon works as a marketplace for internet traffic. Visitors can be bought and on the flip side of things, it can be sold.

Structured as an MLM where members get paid to view, click, and navigate around on websites belonging to Traffic Monsoon customers, the system is mainly composed of sites in the fields of work-from-home and internet marketing.

Since both the advertisers and those getting paid to view their ads are interested in the same thing, the Traffic Monsoon business model works. It raises the whole notion of paid-to-click advertising to a level higher than most cheap paid traffic sources.

The trouble with most cheap paid traffic.

The Internet was supposed to be the ultimate in targeted advertising, especially once browsing history and IP data came into the picture around five years ago. Advertisers were supposed to able to choose only to show their ads to the browsers who mattered the most to them.

However, the ROI for digital advertising has been disappointingly low.

“Most of the ad impressions companies pay for aren’t even seen by real humans”, warns an analyst at Workcrowd, a company that reviews enterprise software.

With paid traffic, you’re paying for your ads to be served but it’s anybody’s guess who (or what) will see those ads. There are even ways to scam video sites with software designed to inflate the stats.

Very often it’s software that views these ads, not humans. Fake digital advertising is omnipresent, and even the biggest brands buy (fall for) it.

And even when advertisers manage to somehow place their ads on sites with real traffic (not artificially inflated traffic), there are ad blockers. The number one selling app that people pay for in the Apple Store? An ad blocker.

Experts estimate that at least half the paid traffic most advertisers pay for is fake.

So, why do people buy cheap paid traffic?

Cheap paid traffic is a way to raise the stats of a website. There are many reasons for doing this, but among the most common are:

  • improve the website’s profile to make it more attractive to potential buyers of the domain
  • improve the profile in order to sell more advertising on the website

Again, Traffic Monsoon is different, even if some people claim it’s a scam.

The beauty of Traffic Monsoon is that advertisers are paying for traffic, but the platform is built around actual people viewing the ads, not bots. Those who are paid to view, click, and navigate websites are subject to all sorts of “bot-catchers”, or systems in place to prevent fraud.

So, what advertisers are getting is considerably higher chances of actually generating real leads from their paid traffic sources. It’s definitely an enviable position, from the point of view of marketers in other industries.

Among the sources of traffic suppliers, Traffic Monsoon offers a quick, affordable, and sure way for entrepreneurs to get other entrepreneurs to look a their products and services.

For every 10 ad-viewers who sign up to Traffic Monsoon, there’s a budding entrepreneur willing to take the next step and try something different. It’s likely that eventually one of the ads he or she views while working for Traffic Monsoon will seem enticing enough. And voila: a lead has been generated.

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